Merger of Crypto And Fiat

Wealth and Prosperity for all.

BlueChip Premium Products 

Bluechip presents a fully fledged Casino With Classic favourites, bet using cryptocurrencies and fiat on a wide selection of games.

Sportsbettting platform with over 30 sports worldwide. NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB/Premier League/UFC/Boxing and more.

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BlueChip Games

BlueChip’s bespoke applications provided with the aim to give profit to the token holders. See more information on each app on our Application Portfolio menu.


BlueChip’s own family friendly game, Crush as many tokens as you can to advance through each level.


A simple fun to play game, sling the paint ball to each target to progress to the next level!

8 Billiard Pool

A simple fun to play game, sling the paint ball to each target to progress to the next level!


Protecting Investors Interests

One of the biggest concerns of investors of BSC tokens is the stability of a project and the prevention of what we call “rugging”. Many projects that have had multiple Audits, so called doxing and anti-rug contracts still end up rugging for a many other reasons. We believe some of these tokens are designed from the outset as a pump and dump quick 5 to 6x profit and then quickly fade. BlueChip is a revenue driven token that does not rely on constant investor dollars to succeed but rather independent projects that bring revenue back to the token. We will have a primary wallet where all transactions occur. We call it the Operations wallet. We believe that keeping all transactions centralized will make the project more transparent. There is a Dev wallet, but it will be primarily static.

BlueChip will also provide a liquidity lock for a period of 2 years.

The owner of the token is doxed through the transactions that occurred in creating this project including banking information as well as personal identity that is required for Domain registration.

Our Goal

Crypto + Fiat = Profit

BlueChip will deliver BNB rewards to its holders through the buys and sells earning 7 percent per transaction. In addition, 5 percent of each transaction goes directly into the liquidity to provide stability to the token.


Since volume is key to the success of the project, we will use a process called churning to generate consistent profit to our holders. We will process buys and sells on the open market for this to occur using profits from the various Applications. We will monitor closely to assure that the token pricing is stable buy keeping the buy sell ratios close to equal.


Token structure


BlueChip Tokenomics

Buy / Sell Tax

15% / 18 %

  • 7 % BNB Rewards

  • 4 % Operations Wallet

  • 5 % Liquidity


APP revenue directly back to the token

Best Token

Transparent financial controls


Our holders earn 7 % BNB Rewards


Gaming site and 3 APPs in development.

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Launch Thursday October 7th 2021
Contract Address 0x56a435d695a41fca7b5bf6d12d286a51b560e20e
Token $Bluechip
Decimal 9
Slippage 20%
Project protocol: Bep20

BlueChip Token Contract Address

The contract address is for the BlueChip token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

The BlueChip Team!

  • richard-ayoade-fire

    Michael Lucas

    Chief Operations Manager - Over 10+ years experien...

    Michael Lucas

    Chief Operations Manager - Over 10+ years experience in IT infrastructure, responsible for looking after the internal IT systems and software at BlueChip....

  • wc_fields

    Joseph Johnson

    CEO of BlueChip Token. Owner of a wholesale busin...

    Joseph Johnson

    CEO of BlueChip Token. Owner of a wholesale business for over 30 years, delivering goods and services to retailers in America.

About BlueChip

Please watch our video below to pick up any information you have might missed about us.