Application Roadmap

Here at BlueChip we pride ourselves on our standards, ethics and the great service we provide to all our customers. We also have taken a great amount of detail to study and create a concept that’s is both rewarding to BlueChip as a business but more importantly it’s customers.
In doing so we have learned that although there are many reward tokens on the market, very few have a revenue based system running the show in the background. As long as these apps are generating revenue they don’t even need to be related to crypto so the possibilities are endless.
Firstly we have fully paid for our 2 first applications and they are currently in development with a trusted 3rd party. Our first revenue based token is Blue Whale Casino (covered in more detail on our dedicated webpage) which is a purely cryptocurrency based casino platform. The revenue from this is split and redirected back to BlueChip in which we will use to fund our business operations and develop more lines of revenue stream into the company.
In November and December 2021, One playable game will be released each month which has no relevance directly to cryptocurrency this will increase our advertising audience significantly. The app will be released on Android/IOS and the way which the profit is generated is through paid advertising in the apps.
In December 2021 we plan to have completed our native token integration into BlueWhale Casino and run a huge marketing campaign to celebrate this around Christmas time.
In between all these landmarks we will have a percentage of profit going to marketing for all the apps and the token monthly.
We currently have a fitness and wellness app with token integration in the early stages of development however this will not arrive until Q1 2022 likely to be nearer the end.
BlueChip is a fully fledged business on blockchain and over a long period of time we will branch out releasing apps into different sectors to increase our coverage.