Blue Whale Casino

In 2022, BlueChip will be launching a revenue-based application to the world in the form of BlueWhale Casino.

BlueWhale Casino will be a cryptocurrency gambling application in which holders of coins such as BTC/ETH/BNB will be able to play casino style games on our platform which a chance to increase their betting amount by winning a variety of prizes through the game.

This web page is a stop gap before launch, in which you will be able to see how the profit from our app will be split to cover expense costs such as Marketing 30%, Payroll 10% and the remaining 60% will go into our Operations Wallet in BlueChip Token. To confirm the app initially will be fully independent from BlueChip Token using its own wallet specifically to avoid showing as buys/sells over at BlueChip.

We currently have a project task logged with our developer to enable BlueChip token integration to be used for playing the games. We expect this to be completed in 2022. The 60% net profit from BlueWhale will be transferred over to BlueChip and used to develop projects on our portfolio, contribute to business expenses and to buy and sell our token to create stability. BNB Rewards will also filter down to the token holders to provide a level of reward consistently (note this is as well as buys/sells).