Here at BlueChip we strongly believe in our people whether that be our staff or our customers. We will be running regular competitions for those who wish to try and win some rewards from us.



Hi Everyone,

It’s time for our new thanksgiving competition to live, and to celebrate the day we want to give back to a family by offering a prize of a children’s bicycle. To enter all you need to do is complete the gleam steps (2 of them) and hold $5 worth of BlueChip token at the closing time of midnight on Saturday 20th November 2021.
The prize is a child’s bike up to the value of $250 and will be shipped at no cost directly to you from Amazon.
Please share and spread the word as someone in need might want to enter to make their Child’s Day on thanksgiving!

Thanks for Entering if you participated and good luck! We hope to see you back soon for more competitions.