Are you applying for CMC and Coin Gecko?

Yes, We have submitted applications for both and have submitted already verified on BSCSCAN.

The core team discussed this and decided it did not make financial sense for us to fast track. This is because we are a long term business whose aim is to deliver a portfolio of revenue based apps to our Clients to use and earn revenue from via BNB. We will wait patiently for the listings.

Do you have plans to launch on CEX Exchange?

Yes eventually, We want to build sustainable profitable company from the ground and reward all of our clients along the way. As natural progression occurs when it is beneficial to the company we will consider CEX Listings.

Why is BlueChip different from other Tokens?

We are approaching this from a completely different angle to other Tokens. BlueChip will be ran as if it were a fiat business with things from Marketing/Payroll/Business Expenses.  We are also currently providing a consistent stream of BNB rewards, by using or NET Profit from our application portfolio to stabilise the token and generate the rewards to token through tax. Our long term goal is to have a fleet of revenue generating applications. This will raise our price floor  and amount of rewards distributed continuously.

Who are and what is BlueChip?

We are a company established in September 2021, which is based on Binance Smart Chain. We are operating as close as possible to a fiat business in which our Operations Wallet will be where all business expenses are accounted for and will be published for our clients to see.

The aspect of this which contributes to our financial aspect is BlueChip Token is a registered cryptocurrency token on BSC. Through a portfolio of revenue driven applications and Buy/Sell taxes in token sales, our clients (token holders) will earn BNB rewards. We will be using company profit to expand on our infrastructure thus creating more apps and using a percentage of NET profit to buy/sell the token. This will provide stability to our token and increase the price floor. Our Clients will benefit as they will earn BNB off these transactions.

How do i know my investment will be safe?

This company was created off the back of a series of high profile scams on BSC. Our Core Team, decided that it was time to make a stand and launch a serious project and BlueChip was born.

Our smart contract was written by  a fully identifiable professional third party developer in the USA and BlueChip solely owns it. All of our apps will be owned by us and hosted on Cloud Platforms such as Amazon AWS to provide high reliability and security. We have approached Anti-Rug security houses to check our contract for vulnerabilities to ensure it’s a close to rug safe as possible.

Our CEO has over 30 years of business management experience and the stock market and is fully identifiable through the support contracts and domain registrations we have in place for our infrastructure and last but not least we are a community on Telegram with a friendly family feel come over and say hello at https://t.me/bluechiptoken

What products does BlueChip offer?

BlueChip is blockchain based company offering a variety of products which all bring profit back to the token to be distributed amongst investors.

Currently our Product list includes:

BlueChip Sportsbetting

Games: CryptoCrunch, Slings and 8 Ball Billiard Extreme


We are currently working on our Casino platform and other projects for release in 2022.

How do i buy BlueChip Token?

BlueChip Token is available to buy on Pancakeswap Exchange and through Bogswap on our webpage.

For complete beginners we have tutorials on how to buy BlueChip on our how to buy website page. If you get stuck or need support please join our Telegram and ask for help.