How to Buy BlueChip Token

Welcome to our page which explains all steps in depth to buy BlueChip Token.

This guide below assumes you are new to Crypto and covers all steps if you know nothing or have anything setup on your smartphone to buy.

The guide also caters for both Android and Apple Devices so although in the videos they are recorded on one type of device the steps are the same. The guide reflects this and caters for as many countries as possible so consider this universal, somebody based in your country might no a simpler way so use the parts of this guide necessary.

In each section there is a link to a YouTube video which covers each section step by step if you find this easier, the link to the next section on video is in the YouTube information box below the video.

For ease of access i will post the video links to each section below the guide.

If you need any support with any of the steps please ask us at this telegram is for all token queries and support where needed.



Youtube Video Tutorial Step by Step to Buy BlueChip Token


Section 1 – Setup Metamask



Section 2 – Create a Exchange Account


Section 3 – Setup Trust Wallet


Section 4 – Buy BEP2 BNB on


Step 5 – Send BEP2 BNB from to Trust Wallet and convert to BNB BEP20 (smart chain)


Step 6 – Send BNB BEP20 (Smart Chain) to Metamask


Step 7 – Buy BlueChip Token on Pancakeswap Exchange

Congratulations if you completed the above steps, you are now a holder of BlueChip Token.


** Disclaimer **

The above steps are checked and are accurate as of the time of posting. BlueChip is not liable for any end user mistakes such as sending to the wrong address and resulting in loss of funds. Please follow the steps to avoid this happening.