Here at BlueChip, we have projects in place to enable us over time to build a complete application portfolio by the end of Q1 2022. This will give us multiple revenue streams coming into the token and allow us to reinvest more profit into the token which in turn will help stabilise the token price and provide an increase on the BNB Rewards going directly to all our owners’ wallets.

Please see the below summary for our project plan:


  • BlueWhale Casino – In October 2021 we will be launching our first gaming app BlueWhale Casino. This is a separate entity the token and is a cryptocurrency only gambling platform in which anybody can use the main forms of cryptocurrency to play a variety of games in an aim to win crypto. The profit / winnings for this application goes into a separate wallet unrelated to the BlueChip token smart contract, in which 60% NET profit once all the expenses are covered is then moved into our Operations Wallet on the smart Contract. This will be used to fund operations in BlueChip Token and for Buybacks to create stability to BlueChip Token. In December around the holiday season, we will launch BlueChip token integration into the casino so holders can either buy or use some of their holdings natively in the casino. We will be running a marketing campaign for this and have been in discussion on some of the options for this.


  • One Gaming App in November and another in December will be released, these will be games to play, quite simple at that, in which adverts will generate revenue and create profit which is then sent to our business fiat bank account. Unfortunately, currently this our only option but we will be providing revenue statements for transparency on this to show X amount of capital is moved into the smart contract.