The BlueChip Story

This page defines the BlueChip story and how consecutive scams and rug pulls on BSC inspired the core team and it’s small community at the beginning were inspired to create a new project and provide stability in a format long term investors look for.

How the brutality of cryptocurrency led to the creation of BlueChip.

One morning in early August 2021, the day began as just another day. The sun was shining in the heat of summer and the birds were doing their usual morning chiming, as I began my daily drive to my place of work suddenly my phone started going off, I paid no attention to it and silenced it till I got to work then decided to check my messages.

I quickly realised this was something much bigger, being involved in a cryptocurrency project has its daily challenges and volume of messages and at this time I was involved in 2 projects in an administrative format which I won’t name whilst working on some other things.

To cut a long story short, it was a recurring theme in BSC which the developer of the mentioned projects had betrayed his core team and stolen the liquidity and disappeared, accounts / website etc taken down to try to remove trace. This one was different; the developer had worked with the team previously on another project and had gained a level of trust which was unusual amongst the scams and more baffling the developer took off.

Many people were distraught, one person was fully broken in tears on the project voice chat and had lost everything which upset me and many others to witness. Others had lost thousands, but it wasn’t just about the money. Some had lost a single BNB but in life sometimes we forget that whilst that BNB was nothing to a large whale, that BNB was everything to the person that lost it. I spoke to one person who had turned to cryptocurrency to make some money to support a family as due to the country relying heavily on tourism jobs are simply not available. Whilst some may have an opinion on this, we must remember everyone is different, lifestyle, backgrounds and monetary value depending on country but the thing that remains is everybody lost out and it hurt.

Yes, crypto is unregulated, yes only put in what you can afford to lose is what most people say however the pressure to some because of the Covid 19 pandemic and lack of employment opportunities in many countries as they try to survive is something we can’t judge on till we are in that position. There is a difference between taking a risk by investing and putting hard earned money into a fire pit as a selfish individual makes false promises and lies to steal it all away to ride off into the sunset.

The question I ask is when is enough, enough? people are tired of scams on Binance Smart Chain and people are fed up with looking for hope and been left with the same old story in a new project where that ends in a similar way.

After a period of reflection following the stolen money, I was approached by Joseph Johnson (I was an admin on the project with him) who said to me, what can we do to help these people? we had DMs on telegram from many distraught people. Joseph said to me I’m going to carry on with the project under a complete rebrand and wanted to know if I’d help. Absolutely I said we will provide a platform which people can feel safe investing hard earned money and BlueChip was born.

BlueChip is a revenue base cryptocurrency business ran on blockchain. Our sole purpose is nothing to do with hype of pumping a token we are providing a platform our clients can feel safe in investing money and earn rewards from holding. The difference between us and the many other revenue-based tokens is BlueChip is a business and revenue backed. We have absolutely no intention of going anywhere, this is just the beginning for us, we plan to release 4 apps by Q2 2022, 3 Gaming Apps and a Dashboard so holders can see earned rewards and holdings. Our business is starting small but over time we will increase the number of people that work for us. We will increase the number of apps available on our platform (PC/Android/IOS) and branch out into different sectors we have something already in the works for this in the first half of 2022.

Starting with our first app BlueWhale Casino (a cryptocurrency gambling application) a portion of the revenue from this will go into our LP raising the price, a percentage going to our holders in the form of BNB reward and an additional percentage going into our operations wallet to support the business operations and marketing. Our other apps due to be released will also put revenue into the business through app revenue or advertising revenue. Our aim to create a steady flow of income to reward our holders and raise our price floor. These apps will be in multiple sectors, gaming is simply the first. Fitness/Wellbeing is likely to be the next sector. We will always be looking at other sectors to create something also.

We are courageous, ambitious and are making the bold move of moving business to blockchain something which many existing companies are scared to do. I by trade work as a Systems Engineer with over 10+ years of experience and Joseph over 30 years of experience in the stock market and as a business owner. We are bringing along former investors from the scammed project and as a gesture of good will transferring their tokens amount at the time the money was stolen. Our aim is to provide wealth and prosperity to our holders and do everything in our power to avoid a repeat and see the distress which we witnessed. With us everyone is valued in the same way no matter how much you hold, and the community is what makes it a beautiful story. The support we have had in response to helping people has been phenomenal in both support and presenting ideas to the company.

In the short space of time in which our community regrouped, had AMA’s, disagreements but everything was worked out. I’ve met many amazing people around the world and feel honoured to get to know you from a beginning of bad circumstance.

If you got this far, I thank you for reading and invite you over to our telegram channel, if you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so I’m Michael on TG and ever present in the community, I’d love to hear from you.