The Team

Joseph Johnson, CEO

Joseph is the Owner and CEO at BlueChip, his responsibilities include managing the finances of the company and the lead person organising the development of BlueChips application portfolio. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with an amazing 30+ years of business management and in the stock market. Outside of BlueChip he is the proud owner of a wholesale Grocery business which provides services to the supermarkets in his state in the United States.

Michael Lucas, Chief Operations Manager

Michael is the head of operations at BlueChip his responsibilities include the day to day management of all the website, socials and IT systems involved at BlueChip. He is also an advisor to the CEO when needed on all business matters. Outside of BlueChip, Michael has over 10 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure and is prominently the guy behind the scenes making things tick. Outside of BlueChip managing an IT career and meddling in computing is what keeps him busy.